Saturday, 11 June 2011

Health America

Affordable Health Insurance for PA Residents

For years Health America has been known for providing quality health insurance for both small and large businesses. Many Pennsylvania residents would be more familiar with the name, “Health Assurance,” under which its insurance products are sold. Health Assurance is one of the leading providers throughout the state for small and medium sized businesses for group health insurance. While customer satisfaction has been high with the quality and reasonable costs of Health Assurance’s business insurance, nothing was made available directly to individuals.

That problem was addressed several years ago with the introduction of, “Health America One” for individuals. The plan features competitive rates, preventative benefits that have no deductible costs, and health plans that are compatible with Health Savings Accounts.

Health America added some appealing options to individuals this year. One of note includes a health insurance plan with co-payments but a $0 deductible. Additionally, their health insurance now includes coverage for oral contraceptives and biologically based mental illnesses. These are benefits that few other health insurance companies provide.

While we would not recommend that you look at only Health America, we would recommend that you consider Health America as a viable health insurance option for individuals and families. Health America is only one of many health insurance companies which we represent. Please call us so we can improve your protection while saving you money.